Shipping POLICY

By visiting and using, WWW.MINUTEBYMINUTELOGISTICS.COM (hereinafter the “website”), By signing this agreement, I agree and consenting Minute By Minute Logistics LLC to pick up my vehicle/s through our network of carriers and that our company is licensed and bonded to arrange the transport the said vehicle/s. Customer agrees and allow our company to charge them the deposit and the balance is due to the carrier by (agreed mode of payments).

For cancellations, if the customer cancels the last minute or within 24 hours of the scheduled pick up or if we already dispatched a carrier, we're allowed to keep the deposit as the cancellation fee.

If the carrier cancels last minute, we're allowed to find another responsible carrier who can ship the car within the requested time period or if there will be some changes may occur it will only happen with the consent of the customer.

Our company and carriers are not licensed or insured to transport any of their items besides their car.

Once the contract is signed and dispatched to a carrier, there's no more alterations or any extra charges with the rate unless there's issue that the customer didn't disclose with the company.

We allow items inside the car at least 100lbs and if it exceeds, driver/carriers might charge an extra or if there's any exceptions that are previously discussed with the company and the carrier.

Any damages in the customer’s car are the CARRIER responsibility not by Minute by Minute Logistics LLC. All carriers we provide are all insured and our company we're able to provide the customer a copy of the carrier's insurance.

In any instance or worst case this happens, it should be reported to the BILL OF LADING of the carriers to make the insurance claim valid. If the customer didn’t disclose that the car doesn’t run or (INOP) or any issues with the car the prices may vary according to the fault in the vehicle that could be discussed at the time when the fault comes to attention.

We provide Door to door service as long as the place of pick up and drop off is not too narrow for the trucks to get in and for the drivers to maneuver and have enough space to unload/load vehicles. If not, the carrier might ask to meet somewhere with huge spaces like Walmart, gas stations, parking lots, etc. Under this contract customer agrees that there are no chargebacks provided to your bank when the service was rendered.

Pick up dates and deliver dates are not all guaranteed. It may lead to late deliveries or late pick up depending the drivers situation. It may be cause of acts of god nature situations. If there is a possibility to accept the vehicle on the customer's end at late night, or if there's no one available for the pick up and drop off, the customer must discussed it with the company as where he/she would like to drop off the key/vehicle. It must be discussed prior.

Our company is not liable to any extra fees for your vehicle/s such as storage fees, rental costs, etc. It should be done by the customer before the scheduled pick up.